Which Vegan Milk Is The Best?! | Blind Taste Test

Not all plant milks are created equal!!! Molly and I decided to do a blind taste test trying out different vegan milks. Some of these …


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  1. My favourite is freshly made coconut milk at home, I didn’t like almond milk , I feel cow s milk is the best when it comes to taste 😊 , no vegan milk can substitute cow s milk , cashew paste is a substitute for cream in Indian curries

  2. I use Oatly in my coffee. My parents will buy other oat milk brand(s) for me when I visit that's too thin. They had bought almond milk for me, but when I told them I get oat milk, that's when they switched. Too bad it's not Oatly, but at least they're trying. LOL!

  3. I got the Califia brand while it was on sale and I did not like it at all. Tasted more like a creamer than milk. My go-to's are Chobani Oat Milk, Oatly, or Planet Oat depending on sales. (Fan of oat milks if you can't tell)

  4. Don't forget flax milk! Good Karma brand makes an unsweetened version with protein. It's too thin for drinking straight or using for cocoa or coffee, but it's great as a smoothie base and for cooking because the flavor and color are very neutral. For cereal, try banana milk!

  5. I'm honestly suprised how expensive Khalifa farm is in Canada. I'd be interested to know how much the mocha is. Here in the UK it's 2.5 for the plain and 3.50 for the mocha. Honestly love oat. Especially chocolate Oatly

  6. So far I have not found anything that really works in coffee for me. I ONLY DRINK LATTE.
    I love rice dream as a drink, but doesn't work as a direct replacement for milk.
    Oatly batista is the closest I have found, .it's OK and I can drink it, but not at good as milk.
    Really don't like soy.

  7. I've been a veggie for 30years now (not vegan) but I don't really feel the need to make my food look like bacon, fish, sausages etc … Some veggie burgers look so much like meat (texture) I don't even like them. Great videos though !

  8. I'm a big fan of Kroger Simple Truth Organic. They have the best soymilk, and their oatmilk is very similar to Chobani's thicker, richer version, which I also like. Chobani's thinner oatmilk is just okay. I tried the Good Karma flaxmilk, but it is very bland and watery. One of my favourites is Silk Nut Protein, because it has the creaminess of cashew, with a bit of almond, and pea protein. In the Kroger STO, they also have pretty decent almondmilk, but it's confusing, because they have two plain varieties at slightly different price points. The more expensive one has B12, and the cheaper one doesn't. The chocolate varieties of Kroger's STO soy and almond milk are amazing. I frequently will cut the chocolate soymilk with plain oatmilk or almondmilk, not only to reduce the thickness and sweetness, but because they offer different vitamin profiles, and I want to hit all my needs at once if I can. The almondmilks tend to have both A and E, but usually no B12. I think everything I listed has D2, which is great, but one has to be able to get into the sun at a good latitude for long enough time to turn it into D3, and that's not always easy, or too far north, it becomes impossible in Winter, as all the UV-B light is scattered by the atmosphere. Where I'm at in Knoxville,TN, there's usually enough sun, high enough in the sky, to do my needs, but I'm a nightowl, and have a yard infested with asian tiger mosquitoes, to which I have an allergic reaction. Bites become open sores. Anyway, I digress. Thanks, y'all, for doing these kinds of videos. They can really help people avoid wasting money on products they won't care for.

  9. Our favorite plant milk is Ripple(pea protein) unsweetened/unsweetened vanilla and Nut Pods unsweetened vanilla for my coffee or matcha latte. TYFS, stay safe and healthy everyone ❤️

  10. When you want a super decadent treat, hazelnut milk (chilled first, like all shelf stable plant milks should be because it makes a HUGE difference in taste) over chocolaty Cocoa Puffs cereal is like a crunchy Nutella dessert. ♡

  11. In my pre-vegan days I would only drink skim milk. Now my fav milk that mimics that (in my opinion) is the Good Karma Flax milk!! I got some while visiting Savannah GA but haven't been able to find it anywhere here (Ottawa, Canada). But if you can get your hands on it….it's quite yummy!!!

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