Which Vegan Waffles Are The BEST?! | The Chic Natural, Rachel Ama, & BOSH!

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  1. This was a super fun battle of the waffles lol. Having to eat gluten free I was worried when you were comparing outside that world. Normally you would compare with other gluten free waffles, so I appreciate that you were not too hard on the GF one. My favourite growing up was Bisquick (sooooo good), so I cringed when you were putting it up against GF. hehe.

  2. I unfollowed Chi Natural a year ago.
    Rachel Ama channel is great
    And the other Youtuber from the UK is unheard of to me, but definitely looking at their videos.

  3. I love the sweet/savory blend. So it would definitely be chicken & waffles for me. I have Kim's cookbook and love how simple but good all of her recipes are.

  4. The amount of batter and cook time for waffles are according to the waffle maker you use which explains why most recipes leave that out.

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