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Hi Friends! A lot of you have been asking me what I think about all these “influencers” coming out as non vegan, and making “Why …


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  1. LOL, what she said about being pro human is pure BS.
    That's not how the human body works, and I know vegans are in denial about all that.
    So yeah, pure BS, this lady.
    Sounds nice, but if you know anything about it, it stops sounding nice.

  2. I started my vegan diet this week, and the anti vegan videos discourage me. But I’ve also seen vegans for years that seem vibrant, healthy and glowing. Thanks for this video ❀️

  3. I can't stand the sound of her cracking, fried vegan voice, much like that of a smoker. The vocal apparatus (larynx or "voice box") is made up mainly of cartilage, which is found in abundance in animal foods, especially bone broth. If you don't have enough of protein in your diet your voice will have a weak, cracked, hoarse quality to it like this lady in the video. It sounds like she has a cold or laryngitis. This hoarseness is not "sexy", but an indicator of the nutritional deficiencies common in vegans.

  4. I love this gal & video !!! I agree πŸ‘ Everbody can cook vegan meals cheap in 5 minutes to 10 minutes !! Lol. Avo toasts,bean toasts ,tacos ,sesame tofu ,tofu steaks ,stir fried tempeh !!! So on. No need to be a gourmet cheff in your life to be a vegan !!

    But, I just have to give a warning to vegans ! As I was a hard-core vegan for 17 years !!! Now I've been a vegetarian for 13 + years !! I'll never start eating flesh ,again for 100 % sure !!!

    Vegan diet is the healthiest if you do it right ( not eating processed foods like beyond burgers all the time with deep fried foods ,or vegan cheese ,too much carbs & sugar ,so on everyday .)for the most of people with some exceptions like people with very low blood pressure, auto immune disease as it can be very very hard & dangerous for people can't have normal blood pressure.

    My experience is …it was gut issues .When you do total clean eating for over a decade ,it affects your stomach . As you know all plant diets are very very high in fibers ,no kidding ,right !? Lol. You know what fibers do to our bodies !! Lol. It creates lots of stools !! Great for people with stubborn constipation you might say ! I agree / disagree as high fiber diets can make you very very constipated & you'll get in the vicious circles for forever !! My case was ,I got to the point where I spend a half of my day in my bathroom !! I couldn't stop going #2 !!! I literally pooped out everyday !!! 6,7 times a day !!! Lots of lots of them at once !!!
    I got to the point of losing the quality of life !!! I was always late for my appointments with doctors ,vets & dates !! And I went to use the bathrooms during my dates for a long time !! My dates got worried of me !! Lol. One time ,even a cook was waiting with my ex.b.f.worrying !! So embarrassing 😳
    Then ,I started asking if that was healthy ! NO WAY !!! Then ,I started asking questions …you know fibers do to our bodies ,cleansing !! It grabs bad stuffs ,they chelate those toxins out of your body !! Great stuff !! But ,when you're not eating any bad thing ,what's gonna happen to you !!? That was my question !! I hardly ate/ eat processed foods much except for faux meat products occasionally & all the rest was vegan naturally & all ORGANIC !!! And looking at the toilet bowl a lot everyday ,tilted my head saying " this can't be healthy at all !! Not right !!" πŸ˜• It really got me worried !!! THEN I REALIZED IT ( ALL THE FIBERS FROM PLANTS )WAS TAKING GOOD STUFFS OUT OF MY SYSTEMS & SCRAPING MY STOMACH LININGS / WALLS !!! πŸ˜±πŸ˜– I got no doubt !!! All those fake vegans / celebrities out there never talk about this issue !!! It does scrape our stomach walls & linings ,especially if you eat lots of GRAINS like whole wheat & grain breads & brown rice ( btw.it should be organic as they have lots of pesticides otherwise !! ) !! I am warning everyone ! I am NOT DISCOURAGING anyone from becoming vegans !!! Please don't get me wrong !!! πŸ™‚ Veganism is the right thing to do for the planet EARTH & animals & our health !!! But ,for the healthy sakes only ,sadly not the answer 100 % for a long term more than 10 years as it'll start taking nutrients out ( as there's nothing bad in there ! )& scraping your gut !!! It might cause leaking gut syndrome ,too !! So ,I decided to add eggs & dairy ( very rarely as dairy is the worst thing really !! ) to my diet !! My 10 years of vegan was the happiest, healthiest of my life !! But,very sadly can't say the same reg.the last 7 years of vegan life !! Yes ,VEGANISM IS A LIFE STYLE we choose ,not a fashion or religion !!! I've always made that clear with others !!! In our gut ,75 % ? of our immune exists !!! So it's VERY VERY IMPORTANT to have A HEALTHY GUT !!! It 's the healthiest if it contains 65%? good germs & 35 % bad germs ,I believe !!? See !? We NEED some BAD germs there ,too to be HEALTHIEST !!! Not 50/ 50 like Ying & yang philosophy. That's a lame one !! When you try to do right things in crisis like your health in a turmoil ,you NEED TO GO EXTREME ,50/ 50 mediocre attitude won't get there !! I had met several vegans with aids lived through way longer than their doctors told 'em !!! 15 years longer than the predictions ,indeed !! As vegan diets are powered with PHYTO CHEMICALS which boosts the immune system !!! Total cleansing !! So ,it's the ideal for kidneys diseases diet as well !!! And plant's phosphorus don't destroy like animal's phosphorus do to our kidneys !! Also for diabetic ! As almost well as heart diseases ! Except for the argument of fish oil …etc. I believe vegan diet is the very best still for that ,too ,though !

    For those who wanna convert others to vegans for animal rights reasons ,I salute you πŸ‘( I became a vegan for that reason as well ), but please don't try forcing or PREACHING as we humans don't like that at all & actually we all do opposite !!! It's a human psychology 101 !! Lol. And remember ,not all of us were vegans from the birth & many find it very hard despite they truly love animals !! And even though the world is going more vegan world as there won't be enough lands left to have cattles !! But, we vegetarians/ vegans/ meat eaters will have to work it out TOGETHER ,not fighting really ,if you REALLY THINK OF THE ANIMALS'S SAKES NOT YOUR EGOS ,or only fixated to do the right things !! The more you push others ,more will eat animals !!! So,you're not doing any favors to poor animals !!! 😒 If you do that !

    Treat others with kindness/ compassions as much as you can !The meat / poultry/ fish industries don't care or listen to what we say ,because we're not their customers !! Lol. So ,boycotts & all the protest are not really helping !! But,hurting the animals who we care !!! Instead ,educate meat / chicken/ fish eaters & ask them to speak against the cruelties & inhumane treatments of animals !!! Not all of us go vegetarians, or vegans !! NEVER !! So,please remember that !!! The animals will thank you for that !!! πŸ™ We're all emotional beings ,so what we do to others always have reflex ,consequences !! Please do not forget it !! Actions cause reactions !!! We all have to be SMARTER for the animals & our beautiful planet 🌎Thanks so much for reading my novel here !! And good luck to your vegan journeys ! Sending my love & hugs to you all !! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ₯πŸ‰πŸŽ€πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸ’•πŸ’ž

  5. I think it's so strange that people in the comments are accusing Candace of secretly eating animal products. Like it's so laughable how people think there just can't be a normal, healthy and balanced vegan instead of these extreme stereotypes. I think it's great you're out here showing how most of us vegans are, while still being kind and intelligent! πŸ™‚

  6. See most ppl are smart and transitioned slowly but my dumb ass decided one day to just throw out all meat and dairy/ eggs at once. Considering I’m in Texas and used to eat meat with everything it was really hard lol

  7. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I started following you about 5-6 years ago because you are so funny, positive and you don't ram being vegan and your beliefs down peoples throats. Your content is real, fun and great to watch and learn about amazing, yummy vegan meals. And I wish everyone had your outlook on being nice to people and don't harrass people for being different. I can not praise you enough πŸ™‚

  8. I'm vegetarian because , since research about covid and the dog videos and the graphic dog slaughter and exotic animals terrified me ..plus utube has videos about pet chickens who live inside homes and birds that live as pets,ducks etc. …I just love animals…my reason

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