Why Nutritional Yeast Will Change Your Vegan Cooking FOREVER!

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  1. Combine miso paste, water, and nooch for a delicious, savory butter replacement for those avoiding oil.

    I drizzle it on a bowl of broccoli and microwave it with a plate on top. Try it!

  2. this yeast is candida utuilis and it's pathogen….. i'm sick 5 years now because beer and bread and rippened cheese!!!!! BILL GATES WANT TO ALL US TO DIE SLOW AND PAINFUL

  3. Hi, love your content.
    I'm not sure if you have done this, but I would like to buy a Tofu Press, which type is best and having trouble buying one in Queensland Australia kitchen shops.
    Could you point me in the right direction please.

  4. Personally I do not consider yeast vegan. People can spout off about it not having a nervous system but the truth is it's still an animal. Not a plant. It's like people picking and chosing what to follow out of the bible. You can't say you don't eat animals and then literallly sprinkly tiny living animal/organisms all over your food.

  5. Thank you so much for all the ideas yes I love that yeast it’s got a wonderful cheesy flavor and it’s so good for you thanks for the good ideas😋💕

  6. I recently bought it and I was amazed. It tasted really good and crunchy and has a smoky taste too besides it's very versatile

  7. I bought a bottle for the very first time a couple of weeks ago and I am addicted. It is so good and so good for you I'm so happy lol

  8. I am going to make some minestrone soup, I wonder if it will be good to add nooch, I've never had it in anything and was looking for something to try it in. Thanks!

  9. It was "chicken soup" with nutritional yeast that made me a believer. It's nearly indistinguishable from the animal based soup, and just as tasty! Now I put the yeast in almost anything that needs a boost, lol. Just discovered that it makes a great coating with flour for crispy fried tofu that reminds me of chicken nuggets. So much yum.

  10. thank you so much for sharing some ways to use this important ingredient to help our health. Love learning and you gave some good and helpful ideas. Thanks again, Angela from central Italy 🙂

  11. Thanks! Hubby n I are new at this way of living n it’s been so challenging to cook anything without cheese. So helpful ! Thanks! 🙂
    Pls link any other helpful tips! 😊

  12. oh no… ugh…. i had no idea Nutritional Yeast wass "fortified" with B12? This is terrible to hear.
    So many of us have the MTHFR gene polymorphism and many of us should keep away from anything "fortified" or "enriched"
    This means Pastas, breads, flours are fortified with B12 (Cyanocobalamin (bad) & Folic Acid (bad)). We need the methylated version of these B-vitamins and folate (not folic acid). This not only stops us from absorbing B12 and folate it also causes Homocysteine levels to go up. Many complications.

    Glad you mentioned this in your video … i better check my Nutritional yeast to be sure it's NOT fortified or enriched.

  13. Do not eat nutritional yeast. It causes some serious candida overgrowth. I had so much bloating and pain after eating it and for the longest time I didn't know it was the nutritional yeast causing it.

  14. Nutritional yeast is terrific – have been using it for years. It is enriched with B12 which makes it almost essential as a means of providing a pretty reliable source of this critical vitamin. Aside from that it offers so many options to create more flavor, espeically for things like Vegan mac and cheese.

  15. I have seen and bought small quantities of flaked and powdered nutritional yeast – and firstly they do taste different and some have more flavour than others – more umami taste and so better than others for making a "cheesy" sauce etc.
    I have also heard folks say you "shouldn't" use nutritional yeast with tomato based dishes – most of my dishes do involve tomatoes – is there a clash of flavours or something?

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