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  1. Vegans usually tend to be non attractive woman with orange or purple hair or some really bitchy dude with very high estrogen levels 😅 yeeesh💀 this make up food is hilarious

  2. I mostly don't eat meat, i do enjoy it now and then in restaurants but I never cook it at home. I think making 'meaty' dishes without meat is just a form of culinary creativity. It's like when you make a good bread/cake withoutg' gluten.

  3. Im not a Vegan. I eat plenty of animals even the small cute ones and crave the exotic. But occasionally I do enjoy my foods food. I'll eat roasted zucchini carrots and onions next to beef offal. I don't have the need to make hotdogs out of carrots. Or mushrooms into sliced beef

  4. We don't crave meat or cheese, we crave savory, fatty, creamy, chewy, and salty. It just so happens that these flavors and textures occur most commonly in meaty and cheesy dishes, so it's logical that we'd imitate those foods when creating vegan dishes with these flavors and textures. It's such a simple explanation, I never understand why non-vegans even ask this question.

  5. I've noticed that it's mostly meat-eaters that criticize vegans for eating meat alternatives. It's like they feel like they're pointing out some sort of hypocrisy and therefore feel justified for treating us like crap.

  6. It's like wanting the feeling of eating pasta but making it with those zero carb noodles.
    Similar experience, different ingredient. But no one cares about that. As soon as you mention meat and people go crazy.😅
    Oh and same with let's say chickpea pasta for people who can't/don't want to eat gluten.
    An also..why do non vegans make animals look like meat? Silly question right? Well it's the same topic. Hope that makes sense😅

  7. I don’t think we do make vegan food look like meat,… seriously what part of what animal is a vegan burger, or vegan sausage or vegan mince supposed to look like?

    A better question is why do they try to make meat look like it doesn’t come from an animal?…..
    I think we all know the answer.

  8. Yep, who cares as long as it doesn’t involve a dead or exploited animal. I didn’t become a vegan because of taste preferences. If I can make a mushroom taste like what I grew up eating then heck yeah, I’m doing it. Great video! ❤

  9. THANK YOU. This ridiculous mindset needed to be addressed. It drives me crazy when ppl say that to me. It's right up there with "Oh, you don't eat meat? But…What about fish??" 😶

  10. It is truly is amazing how many morons out there cannot understand why a vegan wants food that looks and tastes like meat. They are so ignorant they think all vegans popped out of the womb as a vegan and have never tasted meat.

  11. Just seeing the title, my answer is not for me so much as to inspire non vegans that it can look like any traditional/standard meat version. I personally do not need the look or even taste of fleshy foods. To me a lentil loaf is just that lentil loaf or a veggie patty is just that! After 16 years vegan and your still reminiscing or romancing the old ways then there is some inner work that needs to be done.

  12. It's also worth noting that they use plants to make meat taste good. I have never craved meat by itself, same with almost everyone. It's how it's simply seasoned and prepped.

  13. I hate the gatekeeping of vegan/vegetarian food. Let people eat what they want to eat. It doesn't make them any less of a vegan or vegetarian if you want to eat a plant based meat like dish. Everyone just needs to focus on themselves and how they want to live/ eat in their lives and no one elses.

  14. I see it a little differently. Everyone wants to get to Flavor Town. Most people get there using murdered animals, but vegans get to flavor town exclusively with plants. Because we’re not psycho.😂

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