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  1. Really like this easiest recepie will try it very soon , I am big fan of sandwiches .
    I daily watch sandwich recepies and try them, this recepie is also going in my list , love from Pakistan😘

  2. hello manjula mam..looks like a great sandwich..well i just wanted to ask that if i prepare this sandwich (in brown bread only)in the morning and carry with me to work for having in evening time for..then will it stay firm.

  3. this drained yogurt is called labna and is a very popular mediterranean breakfast /snack ingredient and is usually bought ready made from supermarkets and is most delicious when olive oil and za'atar (herb)mix is added to it..
    cudos madam manjula

  4. I made yoghurt sandwiches following your recipe ; this morning ; ofcourse I prepared the hung yoghurt last night … You are so right about these sandwiches — they are light, fresh and healthy and for me they were creamy and minty as I have taken full fat yoghurt and have added 1/8 part of a garlic clove minced (raw) and also 2-3 mint leaves finely chopped. Thanks a Lott aunty and please post some more lunch box recipes.

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