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  1. Angel food cake! Please! I’ve been trying so hard to find a vegan Angel food cake. It was my favorite cake as a kid and no one has cracked the code yet that I can see.

  2. Hey I'm newly orange 🧡 and trying to keep it from fading I have a light brown hair naturally??? And mostly undyed hair I had grown out my hair all the way and have dyed it 2 times orange so just wondering if you knew what I could do to have a pretty orange hair without fading and to not bleed on my clothes…

    Ty and love ur videos❤

  3. Hi Candice, you're an inspiration! Have you tried green lentils instead of a neat substutute? Tis loverly! Dafydd & Ann xx

  4. I dont really get why i should fuss about making something vegan when its so simple as just switch somw items out with the vegan alternatives. Why would i need a recipe fpr that, i can just use a regular one and switch stuff out 🙂

  5. Wait, is corn layer between the meat and potatoes is a Quebec thing? Because, we do have shepard pie too, but there's a cream of corn layer in the middle.

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