You’ll Never Cook ONION RINGS the Same Again… | Quinoa Onion Rings

These quinoa onion rings are vegan, extremely crunchy and the perfect side dish for any meal. These onion rings contain no egg, …


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  1. just out of curiousty,why are whole grains considered,"BAD?"whole grains are super good for you so ,i dont get it…also, I assumed gluten – free options,were for those that actually have either a sensitivity or actual allergy to wheat or rye .I personally feel … its a trend thing and tht ,itll pass

  2. For those who don’t know! Quinoa is an ancient grain eaten by people from Bolivia. Usually in la Paz during winter. Makes toasty warm and full.

  3. Please please please please realize lots and lots of people watch YouTube on their Roku and TV. Don’t make us stop and pull your video up on a devise just to see the measurements!!!!! Either say them or visually exhibit them on the screen. Why oh why have cooking YouTubers not figured this out?????

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