You'll Never Cook Potatoes the Same Again… | Crispy Roasted Potatoes

Today’s roasted potatoes recipe will have you never cooking potatoes the same way again. Using vegetable broth and a mix of …


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  1. They look good but they are definitely not Greek potatoes just because they have lemon and oregano etc.. Also garlic won't burn if there is that much liquid in the pan- its going to steam.

  2. As you well know- In fact, all food ingredients from nature may be the same, but potatoes are also loved by
    almost everyone.

    Potatoes are delicious just by boiling. One meal is enough. ^O^

  3. I'm a new subscriber and I love her channel I started to switch to vegan, and I needed and still need to learn alot how to use vegan products and her channel makes it so easy to do delicious meals,thank u for taking your time for us

  4. If you want these to be CRISPY CRISPY, I suggest cooking the oil on medium-low with the garlic rosemary and oregano, cooking it until the garlic is beige (NOT brown), which will infuse all those flavours, then putting that on the potatoes (after boiling the potatoes for like 7-8 minutes). Then after they cook, put the garlic and herbs on top of the potatoes. For the lemon and broth flavour, put that shit in some vegan mayo and dip the potatoes in that, and you get similar results in terms of flavours, but with a satisfying crunch.

  5. I used to do similar, just without the lemon juice or vinegar. I used the mixture to coat all kinds of veg, not just potatoes, and changed out seasonings sometimes depending on mood. Thanks for reminding me of this sort of cooking. I have four potatoes that have been eyeing me for a while, for which I needed an idea.

  6. I’ve been a pretty die hard Erin Ireland Greek potato recipe maker but immmma have to try these next time I want Greek potato’s. Which to be honest is always!!!! Love you videos Candice!! 💚💚

  7. My family is Greek, and we usually add yellow mustard to our roasted potatoes along with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and oregano. It doesn’t taste like mustard, and it’s literally my favorite food. This recipe looks awesome too!

  8. I’m in love with this channel, I’m in love with your cooking and in love with you. I told my wife of 20 years that I would only leave her for one person, Edgy Veg 😜.

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