You’ll Never Cook ZUCCHINI the Same Way Again… | Zucchini Fritters

Today’s video has me sharing some interesting techniques to transform your zucchini into one of the best fried dishes you’ll ever …


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  1. From my own experience, don't start the keto diet. It's just so hard on the body and outright dangerous. Listen to your doctors. I tried the Agoge diet and I lost so much of that persistent belly fat.

  2. After you think you’re gotten all the liquid out of your zucchini, take a clean tea towel and put it inside and twist and spin it around. Or use a salad spinner. You’ll be shocked how much more liquid is removed. Zucchini is great in brownies and cakes too. Great way to sneak veggies in for the kiddos. Lol.

  3. Any idea how much of that tsp of salt you added in the beginning remained after the liquid ended up in the bowl beneath the strainer? I’m watching my sodium intake. Thanks for this yummy looking zucchini dish!

  4. Great recipe, you're using ingredients I would never thought of, like aquafava and regular flour. I've made the with a flax meal egg and chickpea flour. Yours is a must try.

  5. i just made them for my salad bowl and omg they are THE SHIT. now i don't just wait for zucchini leftovers from my veggie sheet cutter and will defo make these with whole zucchinis!

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