Your Roasted Potatoes Taste Like SHIT (And here’s why)

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  1. I think you have wonderful recipes. I would really love my grandchildren to watch your cooking show. However your potty mouth has lately been getting worse. Your are such a beautiful woman and I wish you could have a matching vocabulary. When you speak with such a language it attacks your education. You have some real underlining anger you need to deal with. I think you have real talent. Please start caring about yourself more. We all love you out here and would love to share with others without offending them.
    I know you can do better and reach others who could benefit with a vegan diet.
    Thank you for your amazing recipes.

  2. Y'all need to calm down about the fact that she says "tastes like shit". She's not attacking you specifically. She's talking to the ppl who do have trouble making their food taste good. She's basically saying "Do you feel like the food you make isn't tasty enough? Here's a way to make it delicious!"

  3. My roasted potatoes don't taste like shit, potty-mouth. I had this recipe down years ago, before you could see what's on the kitchen counter without standing on a chair. You over-cooked, over-shook and over-oiled them. Nearly as good as mine but perhaps you were a little heavy-handed. Love your channel though ❤

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