You've Never had Vegan Pizza like this Before… | Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Recipe

Can I make the legendary Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust pizza vegan?! In today’s video I attempt to recreate the iconic pizza from scratch, …


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  1. Ok but who else is obsessed with stuffed crust anything? Link to the recipe is in the description box if you want to try this at home! What fast food item should I veganize next?

  2. That looks so good but how do you make a purchase I’ve followed your linked to gusta foods but you can make a purchase is there another way that I’m way that I’m not seeing

  3. I don't know if this video was a sponsored video. but what's the point of Stuffed Crust if the cheese flows out like water. IMO the cheese didn't do a good job for this task. however the cheese on top looked great! also the pizza crust could of been a lot more crispy
    . the cheese you used for the stuffed crust would reach it's full potential in a dish like nachos or a cheese dip for pretzels! not trying to hate on anything i am just hard to please 😛

  4. Candice, what bread flour did you use? Every brand I've seen has L-cysteine (i.e., feathers and hog hair) in it. I emailed Robin Hood to ask about it, and they replied that their bread flour wasn't suitable for vegetarians. But I love making bread! And I'd love to know the brand of flour you use. Thanks! Awesome, as always.

  5. That's not how Pizza Hut makes their pizza 😛 you need two layers of cheese. Bottom layer, toppings, top cheese. Unless you're doing Pepperoni, then it's 1.5 times the normal amount of cheese and then cover the top with the pepperoni. Also, the garlic butter goes on immediately after you remove the pizza from the oven. (I worked at Pizza Hut in college)

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