Professional Chef builds a garden for the first time EVER

I brought in some professionals to help me make a garden. It was hot. It was hard. Sure hope something grows out of this.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Good morning from a cool and damp County of Hertfordshire, England. I love growing vegetables and fruit and I have been “no dig” for the last ten years and my heavy clay soil has improved considerably. As I am in my 70s I am very happy not to dig or use a tiller. If you are interested in “no dig” methods look up Charles Dowding on Youtube. He is an English gardener and has a small commercial small holding and supplies vegetables in his local area. He is known world wide for his knowledge about no dig gardening and he has lots of videos about his methods which are very easy to follow. Happy gardening!

  2. CHEF!!! I am a subscriber and watch your inspirational videos all the time AND I am originally from NW IN! This video was so fun to watch and I love your channel even more now since we are from the area. Your parents are amazing people too. ❤

  3. You should have done large raised beds again, my friend. Regardless, make LOTS of Leaf Mold to enrich your soil. Try a worm bin for nitrogen rich worm castings too.

    Great episode and love your parents, awesome people. They remind me of mine, similar story but we had a huge multi acre yard. Really well my man… Big hugs to your Parents.

  4. Moved into a new house about 10 years ago. Built a 16 by 10 raised bed veggie garden. It is now about 4 by 6 and I use it to grow pot. Canada is a great country.

  5. Billy, you are the luckiest guy to have 2 awesome parents!! I am just excited for you with this huge garden you and your parents concocted in 2 days!! My garden is still evolving from March! You are one of my favorite people to follow in youtube and now I can see where you got your charm. Please give us more follow-up videos of your garden.

  6. Really looking fwd to seeing the crop. I'm trying to grow Jimmy Nardello red sweet peppers at the moment and the pests are gonna do me in😡-banana peppers were no problem lastyear but I've ordered a bottle of Smite that has their name all over it. Try some of these in your garden… have read rave reviews about them but have to start from seed.

  7. Damn, yall had it easy. Me and my cuz, being of young age took mattocks to the tround, before our pawpaw could till it. The earth was so full of iron, it had to be done. The result. Underneath that iron hard ground was fertile ground. The reward was veggies. Hard work pays off. ETA this may have been a very dry season, but nevertheless, it was great. I learned life lessons. Want something, dig into your core then produce.

  8. Dear Billy, do not listen to people who are talking negativity… It is sad sometimes Ive seen it before, an exceptional chef (real chef, not a youtube chef) getting many, many positive comments, compliments and admiration, and there is ONE bad, awful, bitter comment, and that is the only one the 'exceptional chef' decides to reply/comment/argue with. I know very well that you are extremely busy, I do not get disappointed or feel bad if you do not answer or say anything ab my comments I know you are busy! but please do not listen or even waste your time with awful people who come here just to spread their bitterness…. So many useless (for me, at least) content on YT, that is true, but you're building a garden and sharing it with us!! for potatoes sake! and that, so dear exceptional chef Billy, that is inspiring! I have been gardening for 5 years only and I know it is an error and trial thing! Gardening has also thought me so much about appreciating food, respecting food and those who work the fields… So please, enjoy your gardening, enjoy your lovely folks, and dont listen to the negativity. Peace and many blessings to you and fam, N

  9. Now to maintain that garden without using back breaking man made methods, implement the ‘back to Eden’ gardening method. We implemented this no-till highly rich in nutrients in our raised bed 7 years ago and have been amazed at how much more nutrient dense produce we get from this smaller area than we ever did in our old traditional annually tilled back breaking garden. And this method is especially great for areas with hard clay type soils.

  10. Billy, I started sweating just watching you. I also had to take a break and make myself a margarita since I overheated. 3 hours later and a few margaritas I’m finally finished watching your video. I hope I don’t wake up sore like you.
    Good luck on the veggies. I’ll stick to the farmers market.

  11. WOW!! One of the best videos I've ever seen!! I can't wait to see what this garden produces. Your parents are absolutely amazing!! Knowledge and Strength!! How you feel. Imagine how they feel at their age. Again Amazing!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  12. Billy, I have to tell you that this is my favorite video you’ve ever produced. First, you’re blessed to have two great parents. Second, you’ve inspired me to restart a garden in my backyard. I used to spend time with my grandmother in her garden when I was a kid and I loved every minute. I noticed some crank gave a crappy comment but keep doing what you’re doing. Lastly, thank you for taking us (the viewers) on this journey with you. I have enjoyed every video and my nine year old daughter watches you too. She wants to learn to make every dish on your channel. Blessings to you and your family!

  13. Use Sand & Peat Moss for Soil with Clay
    Add Miracle Grow Mix to the Roots of your Tomatoes weeky. When you Plant Tomatoes plant them sideways and tie the stems to Train them to Grow upwards. Another idea is to use your Downspouts to Water your Garden. I'm using my Sump pump by Rerouting the Ejected Water from the House's Drain tiles for nonstop watering. Do you have a Rain Barrel?

  14. Your parents are so cute. 🙂 Very helpful. These are all great tips for us out here wanting to build a garden. Looking forward to part two.

  15. I LOVED THIS VIDEO by Chef Billy Parisi!! 💜 👍 😃
    The garden looks fantastic! All that hard work that went into building it-Wow! 😲
    Can't wait to see the "fruits" of all that labor!! 🥕🍅🥦🌶

  16. I love how you showed the process of making your garden cause usually people just show the end result but don’t talk much about the hard labour and time it took! Loved seeing your parents too☺️ I hope your crops starts sprouting up and flourishing soon🍅🥒🥬

  17. Congratulations!! You’ll never be sorry about having your own garden. I have a lot of deer that come into my yard so I grow a large amount of food on my deck. I just love being able to go out and pick all the veggies I want. It’s especially rewarding to share your produce with family and friends. At various times throughout the summer, I have large amounts of greens that I harvest, wash and package up for gifts. I make the rounds visiting with people and have a great time sharing the bounty!

  18. the thumbnail with the tiller triggered me. i have done this very project the same way. i should have just rented a backhoe as well and just tore it all up first


  19. Mom & Dad are a hoot! I can see why you, Billy, are such a totally sweet and smart guy. Oh, and as a woman with skinny, pale legs, I would never laugh at yours😂. This was such an informative and fun vid. We’re retired now but did the garden thing for quite a few years. Nothin’ like seeing everything grow and harvesting all the amazing stuff. God Bless and give your parents a big YouTube hug from your loyal followers. Happy planting!

  20. Congratulations on your garden! It’s s been a few years since I’ve had a serious garden, it was hard work getting it started, but after things started growing, how fun, and sharing the veggies with neighbors made it even better! Good luck, and Happy Gardening!!!

  21. Mr. Parisi, please do yourself a HUGE favor and look up a documentary called “Back to Eden”…no tilling, less weeds, less work with better results and the way the earth covering was meant to be. You have given me much. This is giving back to you!

  22. I grew up in a family of gardeners (canning and freezing EVERYTHING) Growing food and tending the garden daily was an every day thing. My father's garden was half the size of a football field.
    Billy, I now use a technique called, Straw Bale Gardening. Joe Karlston. Look it up for next year and you will learn that tilling the ground is unnecessary. I get very good yield in half the labor.

  23. Gardening is a very rewarding pastime. I have a condo so only can grow in containers. I started with one basil plant and one tomato plant 4 years ago. Now I’m the envy of my complex sharing tomatoes and herbs with the neighbors. It’s a learning process like anything else. Ignore the negative comments. Not worth your time. May I suggest MI Gardener and The Millennial Gardener on You Tube. Very informative channels. Good luck and can’t wait to see how you do. Your parents are delightful.

  24. This brought back so many memories! You might want to ask your Dad about non-chemical tips. Crumbled egg shells (which will control slugs) and coffee grounds are good. A little lime (especially for tomatoes) is too. Garlic spray for aphids (and more). There are so many non-chemical pest treatments.

    Miracle Grow is amazing stuff… if you do not go overboard.

    I love this video. An herb garden might be a wonderful addition for a chef too.

    This may sound silly… but I really enjoyed seeing HAIR, that I did not even know was under the ever-present cap!!

  25. Billy!! Oh my, this is pure gold. I am not even half way, only less than 2 min into the video and I love it already. Your parents are so lovely. I am happy to know you are getting into gardening (again) yay! When I started a few years ago, I had the same thought: wow farmers! I'm exhausted and I'm only working in this tiny piece of land… Much respect to them for all the hard work. Great, great video –now up to finish watching

  26. Congratulations. You have now gone from respected chef and food expert to typical You-Tuber doing teaching videos about things you are clueless about. It’s not even going to be fun watching you fail. It’s going to be painful. The amount of bad advice you have already shared is contributing to the stupidifying of America. How about a series teaching people to play dinner music on a piano? Or maybe how to make clay pottery? Or how to forge high quality ceramic chef’s knives?

  27. Should have gone with ‘no dig’ gardening. Throw cardboard on area, cover with 3-4 inches of compost and manure and plant. Add compost at end if growing season. Check out Charles Dowding No Dig Garden.

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