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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I spent last summer in alaska and we did not have too many ingredients to play around with, so our favourite way of preparing freshly caught halibut was to deep fry it and then dip it in mayonese sauce. It looked and tasted a lot like chicken wings but 100times better and fresher! I´ll make sure to try your recipe next time 😉

  2. Excellent recipes. Came back from Alaska this summer with 35lbs of halibut we caught. Always looking for new ideas on preparation, these are now on the list! Thanks Chef

  3. Loved every sauce, thanks for the clear instructions! Still can’t get a good sear on the fish though, not sure if it’s my non stick pan or me.

  4. My anniversary today and I’m on for the dinner. Halibut and butter dill sauce is the request. You make it look so easy and I’m pretty confident it’ll be really good if I keep my earphones on and do everything you do😄. So I think I’m doing small potatoes and a green vegetable. Should I make more sauce and can I reuse it later? Cause I know she’s going to make me do it for friends. ( pressure 😳). Do I just quadruple everything to make more sauce?
    Thanks. Wish me luck😥

  5. Hey, chef, I got a quick question: I grew up just using lemon juice from a bottle and only recently found out how much better fresh lemon juice is. When a recipe calls for only half a lemon how do you store the other half so it doesn’t shrivel/dry out?

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