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  1. I'm late in doing this but here it goes. I want to really thank you for making videos that teaches cooking techniques. I can't tell you how much it is appreciated. I have gained confidence and learning so much. Thank you again.

  2. Absolutely Billy you have been wonderful and I love everything you make and I actually try a lot of it and it comes out superb you directions are spot on. I hope you never stop doing this channel you’ve been great in my kitchen thank you so much happy new year and God bless.

  3. Your channel is awesome. Great content that is very concise and informative. I so look forward to all of your videos. Hope your daughter has settled in to her new environment. Best of everything to you. You deserve it!

  4. Thank you chef
    I really appreciate your dedication to teaching us the fundamental techniques. I enjoy cooking for my family and with your help it’s just been one wow moment after another. I want more!!!!

  5. Thank you Chef! Happy New Year to you and your family! Making your pizza Recipe Friday. Unfortunately I will have to substitute the flour brands since I live in Ottawa. Look forward to whatever you can send out.

  6. Yes…Love the focus on techniques !!. Since you seem ok with suggestion, a simple start could be sauteing Onion in various stages: what is meant by saute until soft, saute until translucent, light brown, golden brown, caramelized or deep fried onion etc. Anyway, many thanks Chef..happy new year

  7. Chef Billy, you are on your way to becoming Numero Uno! Oh yeah, your lasagna recipe/video was outstanding! I’ll be making it again real soon! My daughter loves your channel also! All the best in this new year!

  8. 👏 and thank you! Your videos and trying them out mad3 2020 more bearable. Thanks for a pleasant escape. Happy, healthy & better New Year to you and yours, Billy

  9. Having a fundamental video a week sounds so cool! I would definitely love to see the best ways to cook common proteins! Happy New Year and I can't wait to see what 2021 holds in store for this channel!

  10. Happy New Year, Chef! Thank you for making such wonderful content. You’ve truly helped me gain confidence with my culinary skills. Your tips, techniques, and just overall teaching are greatly appreciated. God bless you and your family!

  11. Please Billy do not even apologise, I noticed you have not replied to comments as before, but hey!! this channel is growing so fast and it was time already. I was even amazed and thankful you had the time and kindness to reply. You are a great teacher and I appreciate that you keep it honest and real 🙂 1 or 2 vids is great

  12. Hello from Wales, UK. Thank you for the time, care and work you put into each video, yes it shines through, I thoroughly enjoy all recipes but just as engaging are your blog post/chats, I look forwards to them and enjoy them. I agree with your ethos about learning to cook the basics and understanding of what your cooking, I grow as much of our own food as I can and that is a really enjoyable, grow it, pick it, cook it and enjoy it. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, stay safe and keep up the good work. Thank you.

  13. Hopefully you get some time to update the much older recipes (far back as 2014) to bring it up to the detail you provide today or even redo them w a video detail you do today as well.

    Also, any content is good content – I would love to see a series around a specific ingredient like green onions that you can use up with various dishes.

  14. Hi! I loved the vid a lot! I've been trying to search for vid that informs the ideas in this vid! 🩺 🙌Your explanation actually is like the channel of Dr Ethan! Dr's explanations are useful and I learned a lot for my exams. He is a cool med student!

    I suggest you watch his page out and give Dr Ethan a like! 👉 #DoctorEthanWellness

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