Flax Seed Burfi (Healthy Nut Bar) Recipe by Manjula, Gluten Free

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  1. I would replace cashews (as they are not nuts) with pumpkin seeds and sugar with 1/8 tsp pure stevia or equal quantity dates. Sugar is toxic and is hardly healthy. Thank you, otherwise a healthy recipe.

  2. Instead of sugar use other healthier options, like dates, honey, or jaggery, with sugar it’s not healthy anymore. Add dried ginger pd. For winters

  3. I was looking for good protein food and find this….thanx as i had to consume high protein diet and i depend on whey protein.

    Any alternative for that suger…..i can't use that much sugar

  4. I feel like I’m that minority who likes to eat healthy and unhealthy sometimes… on YouTube I feel like you either got be completely raw or eat junk food. Today was a junk food day and I had the choice of fish and chips or these at a gourmet bakery. I’m not a fried food person but definitely a sweets person so I chose these. Probably has sugar but I’m still proud of myself.

  5. I love you Manjula! I have just discovered your channel and sincerely enjoy watching your smiley face as you describe your wonderful recipes. It even makes me miss my Mama, DAMN! Thank you for all these wonderful videos that I'm currently devouring as I note down the recipes 🙂

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