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  1. You know you don't need all that a simple carrot ginger soup will taste good if you just add garlic onions carrots and ginger and a nice vegetable broth seasoned with salt and pepper comes out amazing or even if you add pumpkin purée comes out good all organic ingredients the better. What she is adding I guess is based on an indian diet full of carbs, fat and spices.

  2. Steamed veggies are better than sauted. nutrients are lost with sauted veggies. Follow the rest as is except the sauteing part and it would be healthy. I've tried with various combinations of veggies. beets+carrot+potatoes; potatoes+broccoli; sweet potato + butternut squash are examples. Sugar is totally needless, use sweet potato instead, which is a natural sugar. 

  3. Thank you for a wonderful recipe and for the delightful way you demonstrate making it. It is a day brightener to watch you in your happy kitchen. – Robyn S., Stillwater, MN

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