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  1. Hello Aunty,
    Iam pregnant 8th months and i wanted to make the panjiri. I could not find kharbuja beej in any Indian store. Can I use pumpkin seeds insted of kharbuja beej.

  2. hello , manjulaji thanks for this panjiri recipe.its good for new mother and after the baby .plz tell me from where you got this gaund. i want this plz tell me . i never see gaund at indian stores. plz tell more things for new mother to eat after baby

  3. Thanks for the recipe. Could you tell what a new mother can do to loose all the baby weight and increase milk production for the baby?
    1 thing I know is oatmeal will help. Can you give other tips?

  4. dManjula, could I use a different type of flour in this recipe? What would be good instead of the wheat? I have an allergy to wheat but your recipe looks so tasty!!

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