Sweet Potato Halwa (Eggless Pudding) Recipe by Manjula

Learn how to make Sweet Potato Halwa (Eggless Pudding) Recipe by Manjula Ingredients 2 cups sweet potato peeled and mashed 5 tablespoons unsalted …


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  1. hello mam thanks for sharing recipe i made this halwa and it was so delicious so testy my husband were not eating bolied potatos then i saw ur recipe and i made it he also loved it so much i made in butter

  2. i tried this dish and it came so wonderful,, i used white sweet potatoes it was so yummy everyone loved it and appreciated me, i think u deserve some too, thank you🙏

  3. how this is orange colour , I have seen this first time, or you are
    putting colour while cooking ?
    just roasted sweet potato on directly on metal tawa without oil nothing
    also try , it's very delicious test, actually we should get good quality sweet potato
    plain like normal potato, without thread like something inside sweet potato.
    which is disturbing while eating, but we have one vegetable selling grand mother
    she is giving good quality plaing sweet potato.

  4. Yum! This would be a great alternative to "sweet potato souffle" since this takes less time to make. I think I'll try this tonight. Thank you for sharing, Manjula!

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