Virgin Islands Pates

Have you ever heard of the Virgin Islands? Try Shanique’s recipe for one of their signature dishes! Reserve the One Top: Check us out on …


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  1. I’m west African and we make our meat pie or pates exactly like that and sometimes we include piece of minced potatoes in there as well 😇

  2. The you say patty real annoys me , see I’m not sure if it’s different for the other carribean island but I’m from Jamaica and we all say patty not pate 😭

  3. I just came across this video I miss those days in charlotte amalie high school right across the street little bo peep. I use to get the conch pates, our uniforms was baby blue shirt dark blue pants.

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  5. That's the biggest one I have ever seen but I think they should be that size. My wife and I grew up on STX. We were there for the agricultural festival last February. There you can try them from different islands all in one location. Great video!

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