Homemade Vegan Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! They Taste Like the ORIGINAL!

In today’s vegan flip video, I attempt to take the iconic Reese’s peanut butter cup and see if I can make them vegan. Can these gourmet reese’s peanut butter …


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  1. Reese’s cups chocolate is thin and very soft. I wonder if mixing in some refined coconut oil to the chocolate would help. It will make the chocolate runnier and more spreadable, and it shouldn’t get as cracking hard.

  2. Would definitely make these! looking solid!
    Ps: you are in Canada and have all kinds of allergies (nut, soy. …) or want to try smt different than the traditional peanut butter cups. I suggest trying Dwarf Stars' pumpkinseed cups. They are to die for

  3. When I was little my brother had to raise money in the scouts or something and he had boxes of these things in king size. I literally ate hundreds of packages and just pretended like “oh, I dunno what happened. They must have just vanished somehow.”… not my proudest memory, but as someone equally obsessed, it’s nice to see someone appreciates the details enough to really try to recreate and capture them. Get that waxy chocolate and that over sweet, super salty granular flavor going. Recreating any fast food or snack in vegan form is an awesome and money idea imo. Also totally identify with growing up poor and the food factories being an activity. When I grew up it was the general mills cereal factory making life “interesting”… for severe lack of a better word…

  4. Saying good by to your channel today thank you for making the decision for me using your platform for politics makes it easy & this vegan is voting trump 2020~for freedom & the children ~~~✌🏻🇺🇸✨

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