Making The Viral Pourable Cheese VEGAN

Okay so I obviously really wanted in on this viral liquid cheese so in typical EdgyVeg nature I made my own VEGAN POURABLE …


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  1. Do you think I could substitute the soy milk foelr another vegan milk?

    Miyokos is available to me but it's kinda expensive (8.99 a bottle) and I'd like to reduce waste and process my own food. I also avoid soy.

  2. A thousand thank yous. I was craving pizza last night and thought of making one today but held back because…you know…vegan mozza. The first video I saw when opening UTube today was your mozza video. When you throw the thought out into the universe, it provides! I am so trying this recipe today. YOU ARE A GODDESS!

  3. Gosh! I didn't knew you had a recipe book, I will look it up! This video was very well presented, the lace gloves to present the ingredients, that soft music was too zen and calming, very pleasing. You pit a lot of work in theses videos. Will try your recipe. I saw a cauliflower bake on Middle Eats YT channel, it looked amazing and vegan. I will use cauliflower on my pizza. When you say bouillon and mushroom powder, I would like to know any brands you suggest? Thanks.

  4. Oh thank you lovely Lady !! That looks so good !! I'm not sure if you have ever heard of it but can you please try making a vegan version of Bob Evans sausage? Oh, how i miss that.

  5. Are you using an induction cooktop? If so, what brand of pan do you use, if you are happy with it. I’m getting ready to switch to induction and will need new pans.

  6. I made my version of this too just using yogurt fermented cashews, and most of the other stuff on the label. It tasted great but her texture was better… very much like melted mozz, mine was firmer. I didn't have lecithin and my fat ass wanted to avoid the oil, but I think it's pretty vital for the texture. Oh and BTW, Miyoko actually uses konjac instead of agar, a super healthy fiber ingredient I use to thicken sauces, make dressings, firm up cheeses, whatever. You HAVE to be careful to add it to cool liquids, never hot , or it clumps immediately. It can be cooked once it dissolves, but will also thicken without cooking beautifully in minutes, and you only need a tiny bit. Fun stuff!

  7. I am in Sweden, but I am Creole. Vegan products lack the US appeal. Beyond Meat Sausage is no longer available. How can I make a savory sausage for my vegan Creole southern-based meals? Thank you in advance.

  8. Love Miyokos, but can't get it here in Germany! Could you try to recreate the smoked farmhouse cheddar? Is there a way to do a smoked "cheese" without a smoker?

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