This Grill Can Cook an Entire Meal (Including Dessert)!

The Woodwind pellet grill can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, BBQ and sear. Get grilling with Camp Chef Check us out on Facebook!


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  1. I don't like the advertisements either guys but they're just doing it to support their business we don't know their situation

  2. You could at least be open about this being a sponsored video or an outright ad. Most people understand the need for you to make money with paid ads or sponsored videos, but it feels like a deception when you treat it like regular content.

  3. I dont know why but i wred “girl” instead of “grill” and i was like ???? Whats so special about that. And after i finished the video i realized that it said grill.

  4. There’s also this other thing called an Airfryer and it’s awesome. I mean I don’t think it does steak but basically you can put chicken wings in and it will cook it without the need of oil.

  5. I've read "this girl can cook an entire meal" and I was like: HAHAHAHA I TOO CAN COOK AN ENTIRE MEAL, NOTHING NEW …and then when I opened the video…is a grill………………………………………………….

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