This Technique Will Transform Mushrooms Into Fried Chicken! (WOW This Tastes Like Meat)

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  1. can i do them in the oven? i’m worried that if i deep fry them, they’ll get soggy, because i want to fry two packs at the same time 🙁

  2. I don't understand this… If you're not supposed to eat meat… Then why are you constantly trying to recreate the texture and flavors of meat? I'm sure a rabbit never craves a rib steak or salmon fillet etc…

  3. The Fried Chicken Mushroom looks yummy. I am on a quest to properly season, marinate, brine tofu, without using too much salt to pull the water. I find most tofu seasoning recipes only cover the surface. Do you have a preferred method?

  4. I'm only surprised you're not trying to turn straw into gold. That's about as ridiculous as this is. You can't turn fungi into muscle tissue, unless the chickens eat the fungi. You're trying to violate the laws of physics.

  5. I forage for my oyster mushrooms just at any local park or hiking trail near me! If you can get your hands on a chicken of the woods mushroom you should totally do a video! I’ll definitely be trying your recipe next time 😛

  6. I love mushrooms so much! I wish I lived in a boujie city that had fancy mushrooms in the grocery stores, but the only kind they have near me are button mushrooms and baby bellas. Saddddd.

  7. I love week of eating videos where we can see how one ingredient gets repurposed into multiple unique meals! They help with my meal creativity, always love to watch more of them. Thanks, love your videos!!

  8. It’s amazing how much that looks like chicken. Scary amazing. I always add more of any spice called for in a recipe, especially recipes that I’m converting from omnivore to vegan. When you’re working with a neutral flavor like mushrooms or tofu, I believe in extra spices. Great video – thanks a lot.

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