VEGAN CHEESE TASTE TEST! Are these worth buying?!

In today’s video we have a taste test for Vio Life, Earth Island, Daiya, and Applewood vegan cheeses! First we try them cold then …


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  1. Applewood vegan is so good! It's really reasonably priced here in the UK (quite comparable to dairy cheese prices) so it's a shame it's so expensive over there

  2. Longo's in Toronto also has a great selection of vegan cheeses! I currently use Emborg that I get there. I haven't tried the applewood, that'll be my next try!

  3. Violife used to be my go to, but Daiya has honestly nailed it with their new cutting board style! My dairy-loving husband has eaten my mac n cheese and not batted an eye. I had to tell him it was dairy-free!

  4. Violife over all is the best raw & melted vegan cheese.
    Daiya is still in the 90s proto vegan cheese taste. Not recommended 😕
    Miyokos is artisan good but overhyped.
    Follow Your Heart is just soaked cheetos

  5. Violife has an Epic Mature Cheddar and a Smoked Provolone and they are both sooo good, I prefer them over the regular cheddar slices. The provolone blew my mind 🤯

  6. Vio Life has been a saving grace. Cheese was the hardest thing to find a vegan version of that liked. I had COVID too and lost my taste and smell. I had it beginning of December. My smell has come back 10 times stronger to the point where I get nauseous frequently when smells get to over powering. Taste is still slowly coming back. Spicy is my strongest taste right now so I am obsessed with spicy food. Still can’t taste sour. Have food things I loved before COVID I don’t like anymore, even make me sick. I went Vegan about a month after I had COVID. I just couldn’t stand the taste of meat anymore. Before COVID I was gluten and dairy free due to allergy sensitivity. Your Chanel has been really helpful. ❤️

  7. Molly are you vegan because of loving animals. Because that look of annoyance and coldness in your eyes when Harley jumps on your leg is pretty harsh. Compare to when John rush was on the channel and literally had Harley in his lap

  8. Hi from Toronto. Love your channel. If you get a chance to try Farm Boy brand vegan cheese from the Farm Boy stores. They are amazing. Come in a variety of shredded, blocks and sliced. Love this cheese.

  9. Love the videos! Has the sound changed? I'm finding I need to crank my phone volume all the way up to hear them, but then the ads are ear shatteringly loud

  10. I wish someone would make an edible mass market vegan cheese. I've tried them all. They either don't melt or they take on the consistency of snot. Violife, daiya, follow your heart, chao, just no. On the other hand, I've had some great artisan fermented nut cheeses in Ontario that are delightful unmelted. But that doesn't give you pizza or grilled cheese. 🙁

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  12. I love the follow your heart slices. I have yet to find a cheese slice that’s more versatile. Violife just doesn’t do it for me lol except for the Greek white!!! also, I am mostly a reformed daiya fan. I never bought their products for YEARS bc I tried them when I first went vegan and I felt they were awful. They have reformulated almost all of their products in the last year or 2 and now I love it all. I can eat that cheddar block right out of the fridge on crackers. It’s my favorite.

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