In today’s video I attempt to use some new cooking techniques to try making the best vegan mozzarella cheese on youtube!


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  1. "Chef Jana' from Brazil has some vegan cheeses she makes…She uses something called 'Sourstarch' which i think is sour tapioca…it might make the cheeses more malleable…Here is a link to her cheeses………..Also, i just watched a video where someone uses agar agar along with tapioca, i think…This channel is not vegan….

    Also, i recently saw a video from 'Chef Jana' who just started using something she calls 'Banana Biomass,; and apparently it's popular in Brazil….It adds moisture, and i think, creaminess to baked goods and other things….You can use it as a substitute for eggs in some ways….She just steams green bananas, but she does it in the skins….maybe you could also do it without the skins….Here is the video in case you might want to check it out…..She cooks a lot for her husband who has a major meat, dairy and seafood addiction, so she creates a lot of plant-based substitutes, including some cheeses which look pretty good…..

  2. I love everything you do, Candace thank you for your service! Did you ever end up perfecting the recipe and proportions? Dying to make better pizza at home

  3. Yes to test kitchen videos. Grateful you and sauce stache teamed up on the cheese video which inspire this cheese. He is such a genius. Completely broadened the horizons of us home cookers who wouldn't have thought to use some strange sounding ingredients haha.

  4. you said the recipe would be in the description box, I don't see it…. am I blind or did it get missed? Can't wait to make this.

  5. I don't find the recipe on your website, just a link back to this video… wher can I find the measurements? Also, great job. Definitely like to make your stuff. We recently made your rice paper bacon, and overdid it by eating all three trays in one go… it made me feel unwell for two days, so while tasty, restraint is required 😀

  6. Good video, attempted to make it last night. Though I added nutritional yeast to the recipe, I used citric acid instead of lactic acid, and added 1/8 tsp of liquid smoke. I put the mozzarella in a salt brine in the refrigerator for about an hour, then removed and put into a container overnight. I guessed that you used about 2 cups of plant based milk.

    I think I got the rest of the quantities close but I’ll probably use even less citric acid or lactic acid, as it still had a sour after taste when I tried the cheese today.

    My attempt also didn’t shred as well as yours did, and I don’t know if that was because I used to much soy milk, tapioca starch or some combination of ingredients didn’t allow the cheese to harden further.

    I’ve made a vegan mozzarella recipe using Cashew milk and kappa carrageenan and placed it in a brine that is the closest I’ve had to recreating a dairy mozzarella.

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