Easy Vegan Dalgona Coffee Recipe | Whipped Coffee from TiK Tok

I decided to make the viral Tik Tok whipped coffee that has been all over the internet vegan! Known as Dalgona Coffee, Whipped …


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  1. Fyi I checked your channel because I didn't receive a notification of your latest video. This is the one I was waiting for! I knew you'd come up with something better. I love cardamom!

  2. So funny that this is getting so pops now. People from Greece have been drinking that shit for decades! It's called Frapé.

  3. Yup so 5 minutes into this video I hit pause, go to my kitchen and make this immediately. SOOOOOOO good. I don't think I have ever paused a video on my first watch to make the recipe. OK going to watch the rest of this while I enjoy this caffeinated bevvy.

  4. I think its so funny this is blowing up the way it is because people have been doing this in jails and prisons for years. Minus the milk

  5. I ended up making this and posted on my channel a spiked milk punch floating the Dalgona coffee on top. Came out really good too. Should give it a try.

  6. I have seen in multiple times on yt (I'm just not on Tik Tok) but never heard the story behind it! So cool you've explained where the name comes from ;D
    Also, I guess it would have whipped better if you did not use a blender but a whisk attachment (wither using your hand or stand mixer) but it looked great anyways! But good you've mixed it! Otherwise the top is REAL strong 😀
    I love how you're implementing some travel experiences into recipes! That cardamom must have made it real delicious!

    Anyways, lots of love! Stay creative in the kitchen and most importantly, safe!

  7. There is this place in Calli called crossroads and they have this tomato egg that oozes like a yolk and looks just like it. I need to know how to do this for my sanity!

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