Making the Best Hot Dogs from CARROTS?! | Vegan Hot Dog Recipe

Today’s recipe is all about making realistic vegan hot dogs from carrots. While it may sound weird, I’ve found the perfect technique …


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  1. "vegan doesn't mean super healthy"…. really? Serious question. Why bother if it's still loaded with sodium and fat, including saturated fat? Might as well eat a regular hotdog.
    For those who are interested these can be made with onion , garlic powders, and smoked paprika, no salt and pan sauteed in small amount of no salt broth. If you aren't trying to cut back on sodium just control the amount by using pinch of table salt. Also organic mustards and ketchups taste great. No high fructose corn syrup or junk either. Eat real food not junk! :😚🙏

  2. I used your vegan rice sheet bacon marinate and made both bacon and hot dogs in my air fryer. They were scrumptious; bacon 3 mins and hot dogs 20 mins (or until fork tender) at 400 degrees.

  3. What a great idea! My compliments. I live in Ohio and produce is real crap. I never saw carrots that thick and beautiful. When you said Kimchi, my brain hit a new chemical high. WOW, I bet that is great with a little mayo mixed with it. That's just a fantastic idea.

  4. Ok Candace, I was going to say now! You were the 1st person I saw make hot dogs out of carrots and I always used your recipe! I'm like why does this video say 1 month ago?? We've been doing this years ago when there were no meat substitutes!! …Anyway, thank you for the update!

  5. Gotta try these, they sound great. I think tho, topping-w3ise I'll stick w/ my 2 standard combos…
    1. Ketchup, brown mustard & sweet relish
    2 Ketchup, brown mustard, mild bananna pepper rings, 'bacon' (tofu 'fakon') a little mayo

    I wonder if you do instant pot type cooking?

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