The Vegan Holiday Recipe Hack You NEED to Try!

In this video I make easy, vegan rugelach. So many of you asked for it so I combined a bunch of my favourite fillings with puff …


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  1. Trying to figure out the link to your other veg version hannukah recipes.(not "techy",help).
    I find vegan cookies the hardest to get to hold together, not too crumbly, not too oily, not too hard without using processed veg butter,sugar etc. I tend to like an almond flavor to hannukah cookies,we put almond meal in. Enjoy traditions, but the (white all-purpose) flour starts to feel like to much baked goods/over "holidayed" heavy feeling. Like all things almond in association with the almond tree shaped menorah, (
    : 2) ALMOND AND OLIVE OIL CAKE would be a gr8t one to REPLICATE.
    I also have been trying to track an (:3), AFRICAN SPICED SAUCE to pair with plantain fritters for a culture twist on latkes. I tried their rice, beans,veg mix,curried mushrooms,sauce ,fried plantains,at a carousel of nation's fest – can't put a finger on the spices,or the region… might have been Kenyan,Ghanian,(Ethiopian not sure)? Have heard of interesting Ethiopian food.

    Haven't had much luck baking the aqua-faba,it fluffs up nicely in the blender,but doesn't hold, give structure to baked goods… We've vegetarianized an traditional ethnic Slovak "chicken" noodle soup add in ,but if you could take it to next level , vegan ,that'd be great! The original was liver meringue squares,but we've made (:4) BEET/MUSHROOM SQUARE alt. A lot of our baked goods l would love to try vegan… especially (:5)parizke stangle/paw-reezh-ke sh tahn-gle , (translates, Parisian bells – don't know why they're called that/where they got their name.)a walnut cake with lemon sugar cream. (Maybe also (:6)JYTERNICE/rice, barley, ground meat boiled,fried sausage) Let me know if I should try to dig up family recipe for last three. Thx 😄, these are my suggestions.

  2. Girl, from the pics i thought this was like a cheeseburger croissant. Veggie ground beef, cheese, rolled up…. Now imma make cheeseburger roll ups LOL

  3. I would LOVE some fancy hot chocolate ideas! I saw your post about cutting alcohol and related a lot to what you said. Why am I taking an antidepressant and then filling myself up with the antidote? You inspired me to do the same and finally take a break from drinking. I made myself a little cocoa bar and I would love a video with like three to five ways to level up the vegan hot chocolate— especially on tips for making it extra creamy. Sending love and delicious sweetness your way! 💗

  4. I ain't religious and have never seen this, but damn – this looks so freakin' amazing and I'm definitely making this tomorrow.
    I love how food brings together people, doesn't matter whether they believe, where they come from, who they love etc., just has to taste good😋.

  5. Christmas pudding and custard sauce would be.. I might actually cry remember people from my childhood though.. it might be a very wonderful and memory filled cry.

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