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  1. Great recipe, and I think it allows room for some small variations such as adding pistachios and raisins.
    Every single time I read the comments I am touched by all the words addressed to you of gratefulness and affection. I feel so encouraged about the future of us humans when I see that so many people of different religions and national origin are united in their sincere appreciation of you wonderful presentations. I can hope for no better than to join my wishes to those of the others here. Felicitations to you, and may you live long and prosper.

  2. Hi Manjula,I am thanking you for so many reason ,you are specific, to the point,perfect recipe,easy to follow, and probably some way we are related ! because this is exactly how my mom used to make this halwa.sometimes when i get frastrated watching other video for the same recipe,and watch you and thought why i spent watching 10 vedio when i should watch you at the begining! you are the best !!!!!prayers for your happy and healthy life.

  3. glad i found your video for gajar ka halwar its one of my hubby favourite sweets and i been making it wrong but still ok but i found this and cooked today and proper nice like the one he used to bring back from the restaurant for me that he used worked at. thank you he's going to be an happy man tonight when he gets his hands on it 🙂

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